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—-Inverse Battle Guide—-


The basics of inverse battles are detailed on serebii:


In sum, super effective moves are not very effective and vice versa. Inverse battles can be irritating, but they are the most efficient way to farm certain evolution stones (Shiny, Dusk, Sun, Moon, Dawn). I’m not good at Super Secret Training for the stones, so I developed a way to beat Psychic Inver with minimal headache.

Your score is the difference between your and Inver’s super effective hits. You need to score 7-9 to get a stone, because 10+ will get you Rare Candies. You’ll need to keep track of how often these hits land or you will go over the desired 7-9 score range.

Battle strategy

There is no need to EV train or breed for perfection. The Pokemon and moves are easily accessible.  

Step 1: Prevent Inver from attacking

Paralyze a victim with Thunder Wave and reduce his accuracy to -6 with Flash/Sand-Attack/Smokescreen.

Step 2a: Don’t get KOed - Sturdy

Critical hits happen and will mess up your entire plan. I like to use an attacking Pokemon with Sturdy at full health to avoid this crap. It is best to use a Sturdy Pokemon with really low attacking power such as Shuckle or Onix. They don’t need to be leveled up or EV trained at all. If Inver somehow attacks through paralysis and at -6 accuracy, you have Sturdy to survive a hit. There is no need to train your Sturdy user!

Step 2b: False Swipe

Instead of the Sturdy method, you can use False Swipe repeatedly against Rock, Steel, and Ghost types. The main problem is that not all of Inver’s team is weak to False Swipe. I like to use both a Sturdy and False Swipe to cover my bases.

Step 3: Clean up

Here’s the fun part. Have a good variety of move types to clean up the rest of Inver’s team to end the battle with a 7-9 score.

My team

Here’s my team as an example:

Step 1: Prevent Inver from attacking

imageVolt Absorb @ no item

- Thunder Wave, Flash, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice

Jolteon starts off with Thunder Wave, which is effective against Ground types but doesn’t count toward your score. Jolteon’s Electric “weakness” is nullified by Volt Absorb, so I only need to worry about Flying and Steel moves. Jolteon is strong enough to KO most unfavorable Sturdy and False Swipe targets. If it is a good matchup, then Jolteon can use Flash. If not, Umbreon can switch in to use Sand Attack. 

imageSynchronize @ Leftovers

- Sand Attack, Moonlight, Toxic, Foul Play

Between Jolteon and Umbreon, most Pokemon will end up paralyzed and at -6 accuracy. Umbreon has great defenses and can heal itself up with Moonlight. Sylveon and Garchomp are also good defensive candidates to reduce accuracy.


Step 2a - Sturdy

imageSturdy @ Lax Incense

- Struggle Bug, Bulldoze, Rock Tomb, Rock Smash

Shuckle has such a low base attack that I don’t have to worry about it KOing Inver before I reach score 7-9.  Everything is a TM/HM move for your convenience. These moves have great coverage for most of Inver’s team. I’ve also used Onix instead of Shuckle and it works nearly identically. Onix can use Gyro Ball in place of Struggle Bug to hit Water types. Shuckle can use Gyro Ball as well. Without Gyro Ball, you can’t hit Vaporeon. Against Color Change Kecleon, alternate between Rock Smash and Struggle Bug to keep hitting super effectively.


Step 2b - False Swipe

imageSand Veil @ Garchompite

- False Swipe, Sand Attack, Protect, Crunch

Mega Garchomp has better defenses than regular Garchomp, but I have had plenty of successful games without mega evolving. Against Phantom Force, use Protect on the turn that hits. Aegislash works like Garchomp but its defensive typing is not ideal for inverse battles.


Step 3: Clean up

imageSheer Force @ Life Orb

- Earth Power, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

imageTechnician @ Muscle Band

Return, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Wake-up Slap

imageProtean @ Life Orb

- Surf, Dark Pulse, Grass Knot, Ice Beam

Not much to say here. I usually use 2 clean up Pokemon. Any Pokemon with good coverage will work. Cinccino has the best typing, because it only needs to worry about Ghost moves.


Troublesome Inver Pokemon

This list seems long, but Inver usually has at least 1 vulnerable on his team. If you encounter a troublesome Pokemon, land the KO and move on to hopefully an easier target.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimage100% accurate moves (Aerial Ace, Phantom Force) won’t care about the accuracy drops. Phantom Force can be played around with Protect or King’s Shield.

imageEmolga can switch via U-turn to undo all the accuracy drops. It is also immune to paralysis and can spread Thunder Wave itself. Best just to KO it.

image Perish Song cuts the battle short to 3 turns.

imageTrevenant may kill itself with Curse before you can land enough hits.

imageSturdy is not an option for this 1HP bugger. You can False Swipe, but Double Team will be be very annoying. Phantom Force never misses to boot. All in all, Shedinja is more trouble than its worth. Shedinja is just too OP.

imageSnow Warning and Hail will break Sturdy, and Blizzard will be 100% accurate. Aim to kill.

imageimageimagePhazers (Dragon Tail, Roar) are an annoyance more than anything else. Pyroar also has Taunt to spoil your accuracy dropping fun. 

 imageMold Breaker ignores Sturdy. Be on alert for the “breaks the mold” message. However, if Sawk has Sturdy, he is harmless though.



Inverse battles can be a bit of a nuisance, but it is a relatively fast way to get evolution stones. Don’t get too tied up on the troublesome Pokemon. Between a Sturdy and False Swiper, you will be raking in the stones pretty easily. There are plenty of options for accuracy dropping Pokemon (Flash is a TM move!) and even more choices for a clean up Pokemon. Try it out for yourself! Feel free to message me for any questions and share your own tips.


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Don’t Forget. 3.Oct.11

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Shiny Larvesta with 31s in Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense.

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